Our studio is located on a beautiful island with a long history of oil painting and music. There is a famous art institute on the island.  Our studio's proximity to this art institute gives us access to the best talent possible.  Our large studio is over 20,000 square feet in size, giving our artists ample room to paint and dry their masterpieces. 


The Canvas

There are many kinds of canvas on the market, but we use only three types that have given our customers the best satisfaction over the lifetime of the paintings.  The first type, which we use most often, is linen canvas.  Linen canvas is made of more expensive material and is more durable.  It also holds colors and shadings on the painting for many years.  We also use synthetic canvases which are excellent for finer works, like realistic portraits or architectural paintings.  The third type of canvas we use is “cracked” canvas.  This is usually requested for renaissance style paintings because it gives a more aged/antiqued effect.


The Paints

Oil paint comes in many different brands.  We use Holbein DUO Oil, Van Gogh H2O, and Winsor-Newton Artisan.  Oil paints also come in different grades, but we use only professional or artist grade paint.  We use professional grade paint because it contains a higher grade of pigment and is chemically stable.  The color lasts forever, it is environmentally friendly, and is nontoxic.


The Brushes

Paint brushes are made from stiff or soft hairs, from either natural hair or synthetic fiber.  In our studios, you will see countless brushes in different sizes and shapes - round, flat, bright, fan and filbert.  Our artists choose the most suitable brushes for the style of the painting.  A Van Gogh painting naturally requires very thick texture and therefore a flat brush with thicker bristles is required.  A Michelangelo painting, on the other hand, would require using a very fine round brush and a fan blender that leaves no mark at all.